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Concert Sound

From ground stacked, point sourced pa systems, to flown line arrays, multiple monitor mixes, for concerts, festivals, theatrical events, to private events and weddings, we can handle what ever the production calls for.


We stock a wide range a top name brand speakers, amps, mics, digital consoles, backline equipment. Need something we don't normally stock, no problem. One call, we'll have it for you!


We are a proud member of the I.A.T.S.E Local 21 so you can rest assured that you will have the best in quality technicians!

Corporate Business Meetings

We provide all of your production needs for your business meetings. Be it a small board room meeting of a few people, to a grand ballroom, we have the expertise to make your show flow effortlessly.


Sound Systms, Digital Console, Wireless Mics, Screens, Projectors,HD all digital Cameras, Switching Systems, Flip Charts, just ask.


We love recording! Be it a new artists first demo, a multi-tracked live concert recording, or producing an air quality, full lenght cd, we can handle your needs.


For over 20 years, we have helped artists develop their indeas from start to finish. We help you plan your pre-production so that you know EXACTLY what you need and are able to drive a straight line to your finished product, on time and on budget!


For the the indie artist and above, we offer tour services that can include PA systems, Mobile Recording packages, Backline rentals, Tour Management, and Cartage. Touring with a mobile recording package allows for great live cd's to be made, allowing for more product to an artists catalog, as well as allowing for virtual sound check so that mixes are spot on from the 1st note of a show!


We pack very streamlined, allowing for less truck load weight, space, load times, more consistant & higher quality sound.


By chosing our packages, vs piece mealing services via multiple companies, we are able to save you hard earned dollars!



Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Let's Talk.​

"Steve of Kelly Production Arts was so helpful in helping me make a live record. He helped me make the record that I wanted to make and was instrumental in helping me capture that." B.D. Lenz/Apria Records Recording Artist


“Steven Kelly always sends me mixes that are consistent & that are easy for me to dial in the final sound during the mastering process. In addition to that, his drum sounds are killer!” -Ed Littman Mastering


“Steven Kelly knows what he is doing when it comes to the recording studio and his ear for musicianship. He is very meticulous about his work ethic and it shows in the results. His recording studio has a very warm and welcoming feeling when you walk in, and it puts you in the frame of mind to get work done without a rushed feeling. I had a great time working with Steven at his studio and I certainly look forward to the honor of working with him again. Anyone looking to have great results with their music along with a friendly/inviting atmosphere in which to create, Steven is the man to go to.” Abe Fogle(Touring/Session Drummer for Rob Thomas/Various Others)


“Something that sets Steve apart from other engineers is that he is NOT a failed musician trying to make it as an engineer/producer. He’s quite successful/active at guitar, drums, and audio! That’s why he’s my 1st choice! He GETS IT!" Jeremy Renner/Independent Musician


“Steve took a one track demo and helped me turn it into a multirack album I can be proud of. He makes it a friendly atmosphere with the right amount of professionalism. It’s not just about business, its about a good time. I not only got someone I’ll go to anytime I need to lay down tracks, but I got a friend out of it too.” Chris Vengrow/Independent Artist


"Thank you for your help last week. It wasn’t a big show, it wasn’t cumbersome but it had just enough challenges to make it a little more than normal. We appreciate you driving down with the equipment, being the A-1 and helping make a good joint crew for the show. We appreciate all you efforts and the attention you gave to the overall production." Todd Nichols/W5 Creative

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